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Starting as of March 2017, 1Inci Konak has been serving its guests with its 12 rooms 30 person dining room and 10 person garden area carefully prepared in accordance with your personal comfort and needs.

The 1Inci Konak Boutique Hotel, located in the city center in terms of its location, welcomes all of your needs without losing the comfort of your home and will be delighted to welcome you. We offer free parking, 24-hour check-in, and extra ordinary services, including breakfast.


Our rooms were prepared with your comfort in mind and we were offered accommodation in 5 star hotel standards. We meet all your needs with the advanced technology, comfort, aesthetic and boutique approach.

At the beginning of your stay, we welcome you to the 1st Inner Mansion with a warm smile that welcomes you in the lobby. We are at your service in a boutique and warm environment, with 8 French Beds and 2 Twin Beds specially prepared for you.



We meet all the needs of our guests, who are staying in the hotel.



We take your clothes and personal items with our dry cleaning service in your room, leave your room, we offer our facilities as much as possible with 1Inci Konak.



By airport and bus station transfer services, we deliver our guests to our hotel. At the same time, we also provide back-transfer transactions for Check-out transactions.

1Inci Café with all guests welcome!


In our boutique hotel in the city center, we have built a building that will satisfy all your needs and make you feel at home with peace of mind. You can stay at our establishment with breakfast included. Our business operates 24 hours check-in. We have private parking and you are welcome with many extra things.

Feel the comfort and comfort experience with 1İnci Konak at home. Experience your accommodation in a privileged experience, away from all stress.

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We have a paid transfer service from the airport where you landed.

Our entrance is at 14:00, our exit at 12:00.

All of our rooms are equipped with Turk Telekom 100 mbit Fiber-enabled WIFI network.

We have room service.